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Errors activating a McAfee subscription retail card with a CD or retail card

You can't recover and enact your McAfee items utilizing a retail card, or initiate your item when introducing from a CD. When you endeavor to introduce from a CD or recover a retail card, you may see one of the accompanying blunders amid item enactment:

There is no choice to recover your retail card at the site you went to

You've entered an item key that does not compare to the nation and dialect you chose

Invalid Product Code 
Enter as of now being used

Apologies, however it would seem that the store you got the card from neglected to enact your card. Request that the store initiate it, and afterward attempt once more

Issues actuating from a CD 
Utilize the connections underneath to hop to the Solution for your issue, or utilize our Virtual Assistant where we walk you through each progression of the procedure:

NOTE: To enact your item, go to:

Virtual Assistant 
In the event that you incline toward direction while settling this issu…
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Errors activating a McAfee subscription with a CD or retail card

Problem You are unable to redeem and activate your McAfee products using a retail card, or activate your product when installing from a CD. When you attempt to install from a CD or redeem a retail card, you might see one of the following errors during product activation:
There is no option to redeem your retail card at the website you went toYou've entered a product key that does not correspond to the country and language you selectedInvalid Product CodeKey already in useSorry, but it looks like the store you got the card from forgot to activate your card. Ask the store to activate it, and then try againProblems activating from a CD
Use the links below to jump to the Solution for your issue, or use our Virtual Assistant where we walk you through each step of the process:

NOTE: To activate your product, go to:

Virtual Assistant If you prefer guidance while resolving this issue, use our mcafee Virtual Assistant .NOTE: The Virtual Assistant opens in a new…

mcafee troubleshooting tools

Mcafee Troubleshooting toolsMcAfee Virtual Technician.McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) is a diagnostic tool which can find and resolve many of the most common issues with McAfee products. After scanning your computer, you will be offered the ability to automatically resolve any detected issue. The scan results will also be passed to McAfee Technical Support should you open a Service RequestePO-MVT. This is an ePO deployable version of McAfee Virtual Technician.WebMER. WebMER automatically detects and collects information for McAfee Technical Support to troubleshoot your issue or escalate your Service Request. This includes product and event logs, as well as other system information.ePO-MER. This is an ePO deployable version of WebMER.McAfee Profiler. McAfee Profiler captures top processes and files that are accessed by the VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) On-Access Scanner (OAS). Based on the data collected, an administrator can choose files or processes to exclude from scanning to lessen th…

I want to turn Auto-Renewal off.

Follow these steps to turn auto-renewal off for your product subscriptions.

NOTE: If you turn auto-renewal off, you will still get a reminder email before the subscription expires that it is time to renew.
Go to My Account.Click Sign In.

Type:Your registered email addressYour password
Click Log In:

Hover your mouse over My Account. Select Auto-Renewal Settings.

Review the Uninterrupted protection screen. This shows whether or not auto-renewal is turned on for your product subscriptions.

If you have multiple product subscriptions, check the status of each one on this screen.

To turn auto-renewal off for one of your products:Change the On/Off toggle next to that product from On to Off:

Review your available options. If you are sure you want to turn auto-renewal off, click Turn off:
NOTE: This screen only appears for certain users depending on location.

Confirm your choice by clicking Yes, turn it off:

After you finish these steps, auto-renewal is turned off.

You will not be aut…

How to change or cancel Auto-Renewal for your McAfee product subscriptions

Auto-restoration consequently recharges your McAfee item membership before it lapses. This guarantees your assurance is never intruded.

McAfee emphatically prescribes that you keep Auto-Renewal turned on so you are never without insurance.

You can sign in to My Account on and change your Auto-Renewal settings whenever, or have us roll out the improvement for you by finishing this online demand frame.

What would you like to do?

I need to turn Mcafee Auto-Renewal off

I need to turn Auto-Renewal on

You can likewise watch this video to figure out how to deal with your Auto-Renewal Settings:

To view and buy in to more recordings, visit the authority McAfee YouTube channel.

More Information

The Virus Protection Pledge (VPP) furnishes you with the certainty that in the occasion a bolstered gadget gets an infection, a McAfee master will evacuate it. In the event that we can't, we will offer a discount.

VPP is accessible to specific clients in view of area, and is incorpora…

How to set up McAfee Parental Controls.

McAfee Parental Controls features: Age-appropriate website filtering: Ensure your child can view only age-appropriate websites and review or change the type of content available to your children.
Safe searching: Ensure that the safety filters of some popular search engines are turned on to automatically exclude potentially inappropriate items from your child's search results.
Filter list: Allow or block specific website addresses.
Online schedule: Limit the amount of time your child spends on the web.
Password protected settings: Protect the Parental Controls settings with a password, so that only you can make changes to the protection settings you assign to your children.
Setting up Parental Controls To set up Parental Controls in McAfee Privacy Service, first ensure that each computer user has a separate Windows User Account. The user accounts in the Parental Controls panel correspond to the Windows users on your computer. If you add a user in the Windows User Account tool, you must …

Decyphering the Noise Around ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research (ATR) Team has closely followed the attack techniques that have been named Meltdown and Spectre throughout the lead-up to their announcement on January 3. In this post, McAfee ATR offers a simple and concise overview of these issues, to separate fact from fiction, and to provide insight into McAfee’s capabilities and approach to detection and prevention. There has been considerable speculation in the press and on social media about the impact of these two new techniques, including which processors and operating systems are affected. The speculation has been based upon published changes to the Linux kernel. McAfee ATR did not want to add to any confusion until we could provide our customers and the general public solid technical analysis. A fully comprehensive writeup comes from Google Project Zero in this informative technical blog, which allowed ATR to validate our conclusions. For more on McAfee product compatibility, see this business Knowledge …